What Are Different Types of Sweatbands?

What Are Different Types of Sweatbands?

Sweatbands are the bands used to keep the body parts dry while heavy exercise, workouts, and sports. Sweating is a natural body phenomenon that is impossible to stop or reduce, but sweat can be really irritating and can divert our focus from the main activity.

So, to avoid any sweating irritating and keep the body more hygienic during activities, sweatbands are designed for excessive sweating on body parts like arms, heads, and legs. Sportspersons usually wear these bands during regular exercise and other activities.

The sweatband is a small accessory, but it can save your day and keep you cool. So, if you are thinking about a sweatband, you must know which types of bands are available in the market. Below is the list of sweatbands based on their material, convenience, and function. If you are ready to know, let’s get started!

Types of Sweatband Based on Application

Based on applications, the sweatbands are divided into three classes;

Wristbands –for wrist

Headbands – For head

Leg bands/leg warmer – For legs

Abdominal bands – For the abdomen

The head and wrist bands are the most common types among all. You can also buy custom sweatbands based on your needs.

Types of Sweatbands Based on Material

The material of sweatbands is very important because it determines the band's overall performance. Based on the material, these bands are available in four types;

Cotton Sweatbands

Cotton bands are the most prevalent and comfortable among all. These bands are very soft and easy to wash and dry. These bands are highly recommended for a warm environment. The 100% pure cotton bands will be more expensive than any other material available.

Polyester Sweatbands

Polyester is a synthetic material used because of its easy dryness and durability. These bands are very easy to clean and also more affordable than cotton. You will not feel any skin irritation by using these bands.

Nylon Sweatbands

Nylon sweatbands are similar to polyester but are much more stretchable. These bands can easily dry, leaving a cool effect on the skin.

Spandex Sweatbands

Spandex is also a synthetic material but elastic in the name. This material is widely used for sportswear and for workout outfits. However, this material is not breathable enough to wear in summer.

Types of Sweatbands Based on Comfort

Based on the comfort level, the sweatbands are further divided into various types;


Breathability should be your key focus when choosing a sweatband. Cotton is the most breathable material among all mentioned above. Breathability is important to save the skin from rashes, fungal attacks (common in sweat areas), and other harmful conditions. So, make sure to check if the band you are buying is breathable or not.


Slippages of sweatbands can be a problem, especially when sweating a lot. All the above materials have different slippage ratios. So, ensure to pick the non-slip material. Cotton and nylon are the best non-slip headbands that are worth being in your collection.


The article enlists all the available types of sweatbands. Alibaba sweatband collection contains all these types, so; you can buy the one you need. Cotton bands are the best solution but with a little more price if you are looking for comfortable and high-quality material. In contrast, you can choose the nylon and polyester bands within an affordable range and medium comfort.